Does your dog suffer from itching?

Have you notice your dog suffers from itching or scratching?
Itching and scratching can be a result of the environment, food allergies, dermatitis, anxiety or boredom.

If your dog suffers from itching, excessive scratching, rubbing on the carpet, hair loss, greasy or flaky skin with foul odor, excessive chewing of the paws, raw and inflamed or infected areas it might present symptoms that could be due to fungal infections.

The symptoms of Dermatitis include allergy, blushing and increased skin seborrhea. It is found on skin folds and wrinkles, among paws, periauricular area and pinna and perineal area.

One with Nature!

Nature offers all the ingredients our pet needs for its care and complementary treatment! A natural suggestion is Dermycis shampoo for dogs from the Intuizoon in Petcare complementary care line.

Enriched with a blend of peppermint oil, oregano oil, tea tree oil, thyme oil, mastic oil and water in suggested concentration for dog’s needs, aids in the preservation of balanced skin flora and in the restoration of healthy skin and coat.

Complete your dog’s treatment with Dermycis wipes for the cleansing of dog’s paws after the walk. The unique blend of natural ingredients blocks the wet wipe’s moisture and controls the fungal development.

Ask your Veterinarian for Dermycis or shop online