How often do you clean your pet’s ears?

We often don’t pay the necessary attention to the cleaning of our pet’s ears. However regular ear cleaning is vital for our cat’s and dog’s health and prevents problems such as otitis caused by parasites and germs.

Some pets have healthy and clean ears, while others require regular ear cleaning to prevent the accumulation of dust and moisture that can cause ear infections. It’s easy to evaluate the condition by gently massaging their ears.

We can also identify otitis from the odor and the scratching or the occasional shake of their head.

The frequency of cleaning depends on the race, activity, age and their ear wax production. Normally a healthy pet needs ear cleaning once a month.

One with Nature!

Nature offers all the ingredients our pet needs for its care and complementary treatment! A natural suggestion is Otycis ear cleansing lotion for dogs and cats of the Intuizoon in Petcare complementary care line.

Otycis is an ear purifying and softening lotion for dogs and cats enriched with a unique combination of natural ingredients, calendula flower extract and oregano essential oil for a complete cleansing. It can be used as a regular cleansing lotion for pets with sensitive ears or with tendency to otitis.

Calendula flower extract is purifying, anti-irritant and promotes skin repair. Oregano essential oil is antioxidant, topical anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agent.

It is easy to applicate. Start by holding the ear flap up and insert a few drops of Otycis on the inside of the flap near the ear opening. Then massage by pressing the base of the ear with your fingers for a few minutes. Let the pet shake its head and gentle clean with a cotton pad.

Always get your veterinarian’s advice.