Is your pet scared of noise?

Some pets are scared of loud noises and thunders. What is storm phobia and what can you do if your pet suffers from it?

Your cat or dog may suffer from a genetic predisposition to noise phobia. In fact, pets adopt our own anxiety to extreme weather phenomena.

Signs of the pet’s anxiety are trembling, barking or meowing, chewing, hiding, trying to escape, increased lethargy, aggression, hiding, change in mood or seeking out the owner.

Other noises that may stimulate and even overstimulate dogs and cats include firecrackers, thunder and loud noises produced by music, tv or car engines.

For some dogs and cats, noise phobia is extreme and affects their quality of life.

Dogs may refuse to walk in particular locations or even leave the house at all. When left at home they may bark excessively, become destructive and change their normal eating, drinking and toileting routine.

Frequent exposure to sounds, physical contact and reward with a special treat, helps our pets to relieve stress.

One with Nature!

Nature offers all the ingredients our pet needs for its care and complementary treatment! A natural suggestion is Euforis Oil from Intuizoon in Petcare complementary care line.

Euforis is intended for the emotional and physical fitness in cats and dogs. It may also prove beneficial in cases of generalized stress, separation anxiety, sleep disturbances and behavioral disorders.

Fish oil is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which support and promote optimal vascular health.

Hemp extract contains phytocannabinoids, mainly cannabidiol, with antioxidant and neuroprotective action.

Easy to use, with a graduated 1 ml oral syringe, administrated directly in mouth.

Ask your veterinarian for Euforis or buy online