Daily support of normal cognitive and cerebral functions in senior cats and dogs

20.00 (VAT included)

  • For cats and dogs in chewable tablets.
  • A unique blend of vitamins, botanical extracts, fish oil and arginine which targets brain health
  • Pre-cut cross for easy dosage
  • High palatability

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS AND RECOMMENDED DAILY RATION: 1/4 tablet each 5 kg of body weight. Administer the tablet directly in the mouth or mixed into the desired food. Complete the daily ration with the usual food. Always ensure plenty of freshwater available.

  • Fish Oil rich in DHA Fish Oil rich in DHA Promotes cell membrane health
  • Lipoic acid and L-Carnitine Lipoic acid and L-Carnitine Help enhance mitochondrial function
  • Meriva® Turmeric and Rosemary extracts Meriva® Turmeric and Rosemary extracts Exhibit antioxidant and
    neuroprotective action
  • Ginkgo biloba extract Ginkgo biloba extract Reduces oxidative stress, stimulates circulation
    and protects neuronal cells from damage
  • Choline Choline Precursor for several membrane
    phospholipids and neurotransmitters essential
    for proper brain function
  • Arginine Arginine It enhances nitric oxide synthesis, which has
    been linked to circulation, blood pressure
    control and cognition
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