Calcium, Phosphorus & vitamins A and E to support normal growth

17.50 (VAT included)

100 TABS

  • For cats and dogs in chewable tablets.
  • Pre-cut for easy dosage
  • For BARF and homemade diets for dogs and cats
  • For young animals during the periods of skeletal growth, expectant and lactating females

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS AND RECOMMENDED DAILY RATION : DOGS: 1 tablet each 10 kg of body weight. CATS AND TOY SIZED DOGS: ½ Tablet per day. Administer the tablet directly in the mouth or mixed into the desired food. Complete the daily ration with the usual food. Always ensure plenty of freshwaters available.

  • Vitamin E Vitamin E Potent antioxidant and cytoprotective action
  • Dicalcium phosphate, Calcium gluconate and vitamin D-3 Dicalcium phosphate, Calcium gluconate and vitamin D-3 Key nutrients in bone metabolism and renal health
  • Vitamin A Vitamin A Necessary for normal vision, growth and reproduction
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