Support of Skin Function in Case of
Dermatosis & Excessive Loss of Hair

23.85 (VAT included)

  • For dogs and cats in oily form.
  • Complementary feed intended for particular nutritional purposes for the support of skin function in case of Dermatosis & excessive loss of hair
  • High palatability
  • Easy to administer

FEEDING INSTRUCTIONS AND RECOMMENDED DAILY RATION: Cats & Dogs < 10kg: 1 sachet/day; 10-20kg: 2 sachet/day; 20-30kg:3 sachet/day;> 30kg: 4 sachet/day. Simply administer the sachets directly onto the pet’s food. Recommended time of use: up to 2 months. Complete the daily ration with usual food. Always ensure plenty of fresh water available. It is suggested to administer a balanced daily ration. To be used in accordance with veterinary advice.

  • Ω-3 from fish oil Ω-3 from fish oil fatty acids support the skin function in case of dermatosis and excessive loss of hair.
  • Propolis Propolis supports wound healing and has proven beneficial in cases of atopic related dermatosis
  • Primrose oil & Blackcurrant seed oil Primrose oil & Blackcurrant seed oil improve oxygenation, have antioxidant properties and increase the balance of skin barrier
  • Zinc Zinc modulates keratogenesis
    and protects skin health
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