Dental gel for daily oral hygiene of cats and dogs.

16.45 (VAT included)

  • Dental gel to help assure your pet’s daily oral hygiene. Its formula contains natural ingredients which help avoid the formation of plaque and tartar while maintaining fresh breath.
  • No need for brushing, as the pet’s tongue will help the spreading of the gel.
  • Ingestion is harmless for the pet.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply the gel gently, with the help of the cannula included in the box, on teeth and gums. Apply on each side of the mouth: DOGS <10 kg: 1 cm of gel, 10-20 kg: 2 cm of gel, 20-30 kg: 3 cm of gel, >30 kg: 4 cm of gel CATS: 0.5 cm of gel. IN CASE OF ORAL AND DENTAL CONDITIONS: During the first 2 months, apply the gel twice a day, after meals. MAINTENANCE: From the third month onwards, if the oral and dental health have improved, you can apply Oralis Tooth Gel once a day, in the evening, after dinner. DENTAL PROCEDURES: Apply Oralis Tooth Gel twice a day, starting a week before the procedure, and continue applying it for a week after the procedure.

  • Micronized silver Micronized silver Silver microparticles, whose unique
    high surface area and spongy structure
    facilitate their long-lasting antimicrobial effect.
  • Grapefruit seed extract Grapefruit seed extract Rich in bioflavonoids and vitamin C,
    grapefruit seed extract helps fight
    the pathogens that cause tartar and plaque.
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